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Membership Dues for National WIFE are $60

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Membership shall be held by individuals involved or interested in agriculture, regardless of race, color, sex, creed or national origin who subscribe to the objectives of WIFE.  Membership shall be:

A.Regular Members:
1. An individual who is a member of a chapter and pays annual state (where required) and national dues.
2. All regular members shall have one (1) vote.

B. Member at Large:
1. An individual in an organized state not affiliated with a chapter who pays annual state and national dues.
2. An individual in an unorganized state who pays national dues.
3. Members at Large may attend meetings as observers.
Observers, with permission, may speak, but shall not vote.

C. Honorary:
1. An individual chosen in recognition of outstanding service to WIFE and approved by the Board of Directors.
2.  Honorary members may attend meetings without vote.

D. Supporting Member:
1. An individual or business who makes financial in-kind contributions to WIFE.
2. Supporting Member may attend meetings without vote.


Women Involved in Farm Economics
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